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What Makes the Best Facial in Nashville

Let’s talk about where you can get the best facial in Nashville!  If you are looking to address skin issues, improve the appearance and tone of your skin, and have long-lasting results, consider booking a medical grade facial at Binhlam Aesthetics.

Medical Grade Facial Vs. Spa Facial

You probably think of a spa facial as a luxurious, relaxing experience that leaves you with glowing skin.  However, you may have noticed that the benefits to your skin really only last a few days.

If you are looking for long-lasting results from your facial consider a medical grade facial.  A facial administered by a medical aesthetician will use more powerful products that can penetrate below the epidermis, giving you better results over time.  

What Happens During a Medical Grade Facial?

To get the best facial in Nashville, you’ll want to make sure you are seeing a skin expert that can recommend the right treatments for you.  These can include:

  • Chemical peel – This procedure uses a chemical solution to simulate new growth by removing the outer layers of the skin. The result is smoother, brighter, more even textured skin.
  • Dermaplaning – Uses a surgical blade to remove the outermost layer of the epidermis, removing dead skin cells.  This exfoliating treatment will leave your skin softer and smoother.  It will be able to absorb skin care products better and your makeup will apply more evenly.
  • Microdermabrasion – This minimally invasive treatment gently sands your skin, removing the outer layer.  The result is minimized scarring, discoloration, and sun damage.
  • Extractions – This deep pore cleansing will clear clogged pores and remove product build up.  Extractions can also help with blackheads or white heads.

During your consultation with our medical aestheticians, they will discuss which treatment options would benefit you the most.

Call Now For The Best Facial In Nashville At Binhlam Aesthetics!

Our licensed medical aestheticians are excited to help you start your journey to your best skin ever!  Whether you are looking to increase hydration, combat aging, or reverse damage from acne or the sun, a medical facial can help you achieve the skin of your dreams. 

Call our office today at 615-425-3223 to schedule your appointment!