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What’s the Best Age Spot Treatment Near Me?

You’ve probably heard of CoolSculpting, but have you heard of Glacial RX?  If you are wondering what is the best age spot treatment near me, Glacial RX is the answer!  

Using the same technology as CoolSculpting, Glacial RX uses cryomodulation to treat age spots.  You’ll see significant improvement in just two months with this proprietary technology.   

What Causes Age Spots?

Raise your hand if you’ve been guilty of spending time in the sun without sun protection.  Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Age spots are caused by overactive pigment cells.  Sun exposure accelerates the production of melanin, which can result in age spots.  

While you can’t turn back time and wear a hat and sunscreen, there are treatments available that can reduce the appearance of dark spots that may be making you look older than you feel.

Laser-free Skin Treatment for Brighter Skin

If laser treatments aren’t right for you, Glacial RX may be the best age spot treatment near me that you’ve been looking for!  Instead of heat-generating lasers, you’ll enjoy a comfortable and refreshing treatment that targets age spots at their source.  

Your personalized Glacial RX treatment in Brentwood takes less than an hour and downtime is minimal.  This treatment is FDA-approved so you can rest assured that your safety is our top priority, with looking your best coming in a close second!

What Happens During a Glacial RX in Brentwood, TN

Since this treatment uses cooling technology, you won’t need a topical anaesthetic or numbing cream to be comfortable.

Your medical aesthetician will customize your treatment for your specific skin concerns.  Additional serums may be applied during treatment to encourage cell turnover, leaving you with bright, glowing skin.

Glacial RX will reduce puffiness, redness, and improve your skin tone with no downtime.  You’ll start to notice results in just a few days, as cells begin to turnover, with optimal results appearing in a couple of months.  Multiple treatments may be recommended to help you put your best face forward!

Call Binhlam Aesthetics for the Best Age Spot Treatment Near Me!

If you’re ready to say goodbye to sun spots, call Binhlam Aesthetics at 615-425-FACE to schedule your appointment for Glacial RX.  Our medical aestheticians are ready to help you reveal brighter, younger looking skin with the best age spot treatment in Brentwood, TN!