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Sun Spots be Gone! Everything You Need to Know About a BBL Photofacial

If your skin concerns include acne, rosacea, and hyperpigmentation, you should consider a BBL photofacial.  This treatment decreases facial redness, lessens the appearance of pigmented spots, reduces pore size and improves skin texture and fine lines. Learn more about what we offer at our laser center near Nashville!

What Happens During a BBL Photofacial?

Broadband light photo facials use non-invasive light energy to skin concerns and leave you with a youthful, glowing appearance.

BBL is commonly used to treat the face, neck, hands, chest, shoulders, and back, although any area of the body can benefit from BBL therapy.

During your treatment at our laser center near Nashville, you may experience a warm popping sensation and a topical anesthetic and cooling gel may be used.  The procedure takes around 15 minutes and there is little to no downtime.  You may experience some redness and swelling for 24-48 hours.  Don’t forget to apply sunscreen!

When Will I See Broadband Light Photofacial Results?

Following your BBL photofacial, the targeted cells fade or pigments may rise to the surface and exfoliate naturally.  This process usually takes about a week.  You will also see improvements in elasticity and firmness.

Results usually last around three to four months, so multiple treatments at our laser center near Nashville may be recommended for optimal results.  

Am I a Good Candidate For a BBL Photofacial?

If you are looking to improve:

  • sun damage
  • acne
  • age spots
  • fine lines
  • broken facial vessels
  • rosacea
  • hyperpigmentation 
  • wrinkles
  • dull skin

A BBL photofacial may be the right treatment for you!  

Broadband light therapy works best on lighter skin tones.  You may prefer to avoid treatments in the summer months when your skin is tan.

You also may consider a chemical peel or Clear and Brilliant treatment as a complementary therapy.

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