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Does Laser Hair Removal Really Work?

Tired of constantly shaving and waxing?  Do you feel embarrassed by your face or body hair and all the maintenance it requires?  If these sound like you, it may be time for laser hair removal in Nashville.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Shaving lasts a day or two and waxing may make it a month before hairs start reappearing.  But what about laser hair removal in Nashville?  Yes, (almost) permanent hair removal can be your reality!  When you undergo laser treatment, the hair follicle is targeted and destroyed, preventing it from growing hair.  After treatment, you’ll notice a significant reduction in hair and the hairs that do grow will be finer and less noticeable.

Because hair grows in phases, you’ll need to schedule multiple sessions to treat the maximum amount of hair follicles possible.  Occasionally you’ll need a touch up appointment after your initial series of treatments.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Laser Hair Removal?

If something sounds good good to be true, it probably is right?  Not in this case, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few pros and cons to consider when it comes to laser hair removal in Nashville.


  • Long-lasting results: Enjoy smooth skin for months or even years, between touch-up sessions.
  • Reduced ingrown hairs: Laser hair removal can significantly reduce the occurrence of painful ingrown hairs.
  • Precise targeting: Lasers can target specific areas without damaging the surrounding skin.
  • Time-saving: Ditch the daily shave or wax and enjoy the freedom of long-lasting smoothness.


  • Multiple sessions needed: It typically takes 4-8 sessions spaced several weeks apart for optimal results.
  • Cost: Laser hair removal can be expensive, with the total cost depending on the treatment area and number of sessions needed.  However, this can balance out when you consider the cost of years of regular waxing.
  • Not for everyone: Laser hair removal is most effective for those with light skin and dark hair. Lighter hair or darker skin tones might require a different approach.
  • Discomfort: While typically not unbearable, laser hair removal in Nashville can cause some discomfort, like a rubber band snapping against the skin.  If you’ve ever waxed hair, you’ll likely be able to withstand the discomfort of laser hair removal.

Popular Treatment Areas

People can have hair pretty much everywhere.  Here are some popular treatment areas:

  • Face
  • Legs
  • Underarms
  • Back and Chest
  • Bikini Area

Visit Binhlam Aesthetics for Laser Hair Removal in Nashville

If you’re ready to say goodbye to unwanted hair for good, Binhlam Aesthetics can help!  After laser hair removal in Nashville, you’ll feel smooth and confident.  Call us at 615-425-FACE to schedule a consultation to learn more and find out if you’re a good candidate.