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Personalized Skin Treatment with a Hydrafacial in Brentwood TN

Can cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and anti-oxidant protection all exist in one non-invasive skin treatment?  And the results give you clearer, moisturized, more beautifully radiant skin, all in about an hour?  You can have all this with a Hydrafacial near me in Brentwood, TN at Binhlam Aesthetics!

A Hydrafacial performed by one of our medical aestheticians will be customized to your unique skin concerns and will improve texture, tone, and appearance.  

Regular Facial Vs. Hydrafacial in Brentwood, TN

Hydrafacials have been growing in popularity for good reason!  They can improve your appearance and long-term skin health, which is more than a traditional spa facial.  

The multi-step treatment is performed with a proprietary device that is used to cleanse, exfoliate, extract and deliver personalized serums for maximum impact.  

Your Hydrafacial treatment near me can be customized for:

  • Acne and clogged pores
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Elasticity and firmness
  • Hydration
  • Dark spots and pigmentation
  • Redness
  • Pore size

Your medical aesthetician may also suggest combining Hydrafacial with other treatments such as dermaplaning or microneedling.

What Happens During a Hydrafacial

  1. Cleansing – Your treatment begins with a deep cleansing and exfoliation to remove dead skin cells using the Hydrafacial tip.
  2. Extract and hydrate – Gentle suction is used to remove impurities and unclog pores.  
  3. Infuse and protect – The final step of your treatment is “boosters” or serums to treat your specific skin concerns.  

You will leave your appointment with glowing skin that is visibly firmer and appears more youthful.  To maximize your results, you should avoid sun exposure and exfoliating products for 72 hours after your treatment.

Best Hydrafacial near Nashville, TN

When you visit Binhlam Aesthetics Medspa in Brentwood near Nashville, TN you can rest assured that your skin is our passion.  We offer a variety of aesthetic skin treatments featuring the latest technology to help you look and feel your best!  Whether you are interested in reducing fine lines with injectables or boosting the moisture of your skin with a Hydrafacial, we can help!  Call 615-425-FACE to schedule your appointment!