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Body Contouring in Franklin, TN

Did you know that body contouring is possible without surgery?  Liposuction or other surgical options are not the only way to sculpt and define your figure and tackle stubborn fat.  At Binhlam Aesthetics, we offer several safe and effective options for body contouring in Franklin, TN.

Body Contouring in Franklin, TN

Non-surgical body contouring procedures target stubborn fat deposits or loose skin to give you a more toned and defined appearance. These treatments target fat cells with cryotherapy or radio frequency waves to damage and eliminate fat cells.  Electrical stimulation can also be used to activate muscle contractions, increasing muscle growth and giving you more definition.  And if loose skin or cellulite is a concern, high energy radial shockwaves can be used to stimulate collagen production, giving you tighter, smoother skin.

Body Contouring Results

Patients love body contouring in Frankin, TN because of the natural, visible results it offers without surgery.  Results from your treatment will be gradual and may require a series of treatments.  Once fat cells are eliminated from your body, the results are permanent as long as you maintain your weight.  If you gain weight new fat cells can develop in their place.

Body contouring is not considered a weight loss treatment.  In fact, most patients only lose two to five pounds of fat.  Ideally patients are at or close to their ideal weight and looking to target areas that are resistant to fat loss due to body type, age, or genetics.

Binhlam Aesthetics – The Treatments We Offer

At Binhlam Aesthetics we offer several options for body contouring in Franklin, TN.  These treatments can be used on their own or in combination.

  • CoolSculpting: This FDA-approved treatment uses cooling technology to freeze and naturally eliminate fat cells.
  • EMSCULPT: This treatment uses high-intensity electromagnetic waves to cause muscle contractions, leading to muscle building and toning.  Patients often request this treatment for their abs or glute muscles.
  • ZWave: This device uses radiofrequency energy to stimulate collagen production, resulting in tighter and firmer skin, ideal for targeting cellulite.

Schedule a Consultation Today for Your Summer Body!

The best way to know what the right body sculpting treatment for you is to schedule a consultation with our team.  We can assess your individual needs and make recommendations for the best treatment to help you reach your goals.  If you’ve put in the hard work with diet and exercise, body contouring is the final step to helping you feel more sculpted and confident.  Call our office today at 615-425-FACE.